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The FOSS Adventure Section, established in 2009, is the activity wing of FOSS aimed at encouraging younger members to join. 53 past members of the Group are signed up to the FOSSAS Facebook Group and over 20 members from all over the UK have attended and enjoyed events over the last few years.

The inaugural FOSSAS event saw brothers Struan and Duncan Simpson along with Matthew Mcveigh take on a 40+ mile grueling Munro bagging trip to the Cairngorms. The weather was superb and six munros were bagged over two days and two nights. The route took the party from the far south east of the range, Ben Avon, right into it's heart to Beinn Mheadhoin, before a long walk out over Derry Cairngorm. It was certainly a fittingly adventurous first outing!

Following this it has become the norm for members to meet for long weekends at locations chosen by the group all over the UK. Activities have been held in Scotland, England and Wales and have involved a wide range of activities. Many of the members enjoy climbing and this often forms part of our activities for those interested. However, trips have also involved hiking, cycling (road and mountain bike) and, on one memorable occasion, three members arrived having completed the three peaks challenge!

A burgeoning tradition for the Adventure Section is the FOSSAS marathon. In 2010 three members ran, jogged and walked a marathon in Budapest and in 2014 five members completed the Helsinki marathon. Thus far we have a 100% success rate, albeit that some wander home in something over five hours while, in Helsinki, Iain Masterman beasted it and brought in our first sub four hour time. This remains the time to beat and, although marathoners always say they'll never do another one, we seem to keep doing them. Maybe you could beat Iain's time?

Trips are not all about activity though. They are events designed to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Many a happy hour has been spent in pubs (and at random pub quizzes), wandering around local towns (where we try to drag people away from gear shops and eat cake instead much of the time), 'coffee shopping' (not buying coffee, but going to coffee shops...) etc.

We usually stay in bunkhouses or other low cost accommodation to ensure the events are accessible to as many as possible. The group does sometimes eat out, but often as not we cook for ourselves or get takeaway... Duncan Campbell, Scout/Venture of the 90s/00s (and virtually event coordinator these days) instigates many activities above and beyond the normal. For example 2014 saw our first cocktail competition and 2015 sees another for an American Independence Day themed event during this summer's trip to the Highlands."

Adventure Section activities are run by our members for our members. Among us we have a number of extremely experienced hill walkers, mountaineers, rock climbers, mountain bikers and cyclists.  All are willing to share their skills and experience if you want to try something new. Essentially if you want to do something then you just have to suggest it or organise it. No (legal) adventurous activities are off limits!

Membership is open to ex-members aged 18+ and is FREE if you’re under 21 and FREE until you start gainful employment. We simply ask that you then sign up as a regular FOSS member.  If you’re a former Scout, Venture or Explorer and want to stay in touch, hang out with old friends and meet new ones, find us on Facebook (where you can check out photos and videos of our activities) or e-mail me ( and I will keep you informed of planned activities.

Matthew McVeigh



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