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Geowalks is my business and my passion! I really enjoy exploring Scotland's geology and helping people to discover the rich story of our rocks and landscapes. Geowalks is not a big company ... it is just me, although sometimes I work in partnership with other Earth scientists who are experts in their fields or know an area particularly well.

It all began with family holidays in the Highlands and islands of Scotland, and a Higher Geology course at Strathaven Academy in Lanarkshire. This was the start of an interest that led me on to study geology at the University of Edinburgh, a fantastic course that opened my eyes to the geological variety of Scotland and culminated in a student expedition to Iceland in 1991. Then I spent a year volunteering with Scottish Conservation Projects in the Highlands, before starting a PhD at Durham University, investigating small earthquakes of the Hengill volcano in Iceland. For part of my studies I was based at the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California, a great chance to explore the mountain ranges, volcanoes and earthquakes of the area.

Just as my PhD was finishing in 1995, I was invited to join the team monitoring the erupting volcano on Montserrat in the eastern Caribbean. During the two years that I worked at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, the eruption worsened and the volcano had a catastrophic effect on the island and its small human population. I learned a lot more about volcanoes there, about the fascination and fear they cause, and about the challenges of communicating science to the general public.

Back in Edinburgh, Geowalks began on Arthur's Seat on 1 April 1998, using the story of my local volcano to explain the landscape of Edinburgh and how this has influenced the development of the city. Since then, my work has grown to include day walks and walking holidays across Scotland, and activities with organisations such as the Edinburgh International Science Festival, Dynamic Earth and Historic Environment Scotland, and lots of excursions in Holyrood Park with local schools (more than 7,000 people have been for a walk in the Park with me).

Geowalks doesn't take up all my time, I teach several adult education courses every year for the Centre for Open Learning at the University of Edinburgh, and lead geology walks for the City of Edinburgh Council Adult Education Programme. Over the years I've also worked for organisations such as the Edinburgh Geological Society, the Scottish Earth Science Education Forum, the John Muir Trust and the Earth Science Education Unit of the University of Keele.

In my spare time, I'm chair of the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, working to promote Scotland's geodiversity; in 2012 we published Scotland's Geodiversity Charter, now supported by more than 85 organisations. I was delighted and honoured to receive the Royal Scottish Geographical Society's 2013 President's Medal for my voluntary work with the Forum.

Angus Miller, Geowalks

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