COP26 – Edinburgh Deep Time Walk

Event Date:

6th November 2021

Event Time:

1:00 pm

Join a 4.6km Deep Time Walk to travel across Earth’s 4.6 billion year timeline at a rate of one million years per metre. Starting at the formation of the solar system and the creation of Earth, Deep Time Walk covers significant events in Earth’s deep history, including the formation of the Moon, plate tectonics, the early evolution of life, dinosaurs and much more. The walk will put into context humanity’s rich ancestral heritage and give you an insight into the interconnectedness of all life in the context of the present ‘code-red’ climate and ecological emergency.

Deep time provides “a radical perspective, provoking action not apathy … [it] is the catalysing context of intergenerational justice; it is what frames the inspiring activism of Greta Thunberg and the school climate-strikers, and the Sunrise campaigners pushing for a Green New Deal in America. A deep-time perspective requires us to consider not only how we will imagine the future, but how the future will imagine us. It asks a version of Jonas Salk’s arresting question: “Are we being good ancestors? ” Robert MacFarlane

The walk is led by Robert Woodford (Deep Time Walk C.I.C.) and Angus Miller (Edinburgh Geological Society & Geowalks). We will start at Dynamic Earth entrance and finish at Holyrood Parliament for the wider gatherings there.

Tickets available by donation, booking required (ignore notification below that the event is fully booked … go to Eventbrite to book using this link –

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