Virtual Walk: Dunglass to Siccar Point

Event Date:

11th October 2020

Event Time:

7:00 pm

Where else on Britain’s coast can you walk through 100 million years and three geological periods? Probably nowhere! This coastal walk follows the route of James Hutton and friends on their famous journey to Siccar Point in June 1788. We begin with varied sedimentary layers from the Carboniferous Period, including lovely cliffs of pink and yellow sandstone around Cove. Layer by layer we gradually sink through time, witnessing a changing climate reflecting Scotland’s position on the globe, and finding layers of Old Red Sandstone around Pease Bay. Finally we get to the point, the fantastic unconformity with Old Red Sandstone sitting on top of contorted Silurian-age ocean floor rocks. Three geological periods, three different sets of sedimentary rocks in beautiful coastal exposures.

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