Fife Fossils with Dr Katie Strang

Event Date:

23rd September 2020

Event Time:

7:00 pm

The fossil record around Fife marks an exciting period in the Early Carboniferous widely known as the ‘Golden Age of Sharks’, which occurred after the end Devonian mass extinction event which wiped out ~75% of species on Earth, including many lineages of fish that once swam and ruled the oceans. This allowed sharks to dominate, giving rise to a whole variety of shapes and forms; and many of these species were common predators in the ancient seas around Fife!

However, it’s not only famous for sharks, there’s a whole host of spectacular fossil sites to explore. In this talk, local palaeontologist Katie will talk about some of her favourite fossils and areas of geological interest, and how we can best use fossils in education, whilst still maintaining the sustainability of important geoheritage sites.

An event for the Scottish Geology Festival and a fund-raiser for the Scottish Geology Trust, hosted by Geowalks.

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